Why Copywriter a Sales Page?

Are you an infopreneur, web entrepreneur, manager of an e-commerce site or professional blogger and you want to see your conversion rate soar? Look no further: use copywriting to sell effectively on the web! It is not enough to have a brand image that fascinates visitors with a stylish website with an attractive design. You have to know how to convince Internet users, seduce them and make them take action in a minimum of time. This is the key to a successful digital strategy. Why is it so essential to copywrite a sales page? How to boost your sales on the Internet thanks to copywriting? Here’s everything you need to know about the magic of persuasive writing to convert prospects into customers.

Convince with powerful words

Copywriting a sales page means transforming a simple product page into a spellbinding proposition for the reader. In addition to bringing quality content, it is an effective way to generate traffic on your website.

The formidable technique of web marketing

Well known to digital marketing agencies, web copywriting remains above all a specific web writing technique for advertising and commercial purposes. It consists of producing impactful written content that aims to:

  • promote a product, person, company, opinion or idea;
  • generate notoriety on social media; 
  • persuade a person or group to perform a particular action. 

In other words, it’s the art of seducing, convincing and selling with words! Let’s never forget that the act of buying is first and foremost a decision related to emotions. The copywriter, aka copywriter or copywriter, has always played a central role in traditional business marketing strategies. With the rise of the digital economy, he has become the essential expert in editorial techniques that convert on the web. Why? Because to sell effectively on the internet, the copywriter relies on a subtle mix of web marketing skills, persuasion techniques and human psychology. The magician of words will therefore use captivating formulas to influence the reader and provoke action at the right time in the famous buying journey of the Internet user. 

SEO and copywriting: a magnetic duo on the Web 

Essential lever of inbound marketing, copywriter a sales page serves first to convert visitors into leads, then into customers. But it is also an effective way to increase your visibility on search engines thanks to better natural referencingA digital entrepreneur generally uses different means of communication to charm his prospects: 

  • social media advertisements;
  • landing page and other showcase site pages;
  • product page;
  • blog posts;
  • emailing or personalized emails;
  • etc.

Most of these digital marketing materials can obviously be copywritten with the use of strategic keywords specific to the field of activity or the brand. The copywriter will gather these specific terms on a sales page by transforming them into relevant argumentfor your target audience. This will have the double effect of naturally boosting sales and sustainably improving the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website… How? Thanks to one of the magic formulas of content marketing: a semantic cocoon married to an effective internal network will inevitably attract qualified and the best ghostwriting agency on your doorstep. In other words, Internet users who land on your website will then be more easily seduced, because they are already interested in your offer. A virtuous circle for everyone!

Boost your sales on the Internet thanks to copywriting 

Sell ​​more and better on the web thanks to the incredible power of words: this is the motto of copywriting.

Seduce the ideal client 

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Larry Page… All the greatest web entrepreneurs excel in personal branding. In the jungle of the Net, knowing how to enhance an original brand image, based on its personality, its values ​​or its history is the sesame of a turnover that makes you dizzy. The magic of copywriting lies in its fascinating power to make an offer of products or services irresistible, because it conveys a passion, a dream or a particular vision. 

From the product sheet extended with a well-crafted call-to-action, to the incredible anecdote written in storytelling, copywritten content can take several forms. But all seek to establish a connection with the reader. The goal is to help him make a decision that will bring him something positive. Creating a relationship of trust with the prospect increases your chances of converting him into a customer. But be careful to always produce ethical content: a copywritten sales page makes the right customer want to get the fabulous product or service they need, using fair and transparent words. 

Optimizing the online sales strategy

Using copywriting in your sales page has many virtues to improve the efficiency of your overall e-commerce strategy. It is an extremely valuable way to: 

  • optimize the natural referencing of your website in search engines (SEO);
  • provide a better user experience (UX);
  • attract qualified traffic;
  • increase the conversion rate of your B2B page;
  • guarantee a positive ROI to your digital strategy;
  • get more clicks on your Call-to-Action buttons;
  • develop the turnover of your sales on the Internet;
  • take care of your brand image and your e-reputation.

Google Analytics is proving to be the essential tool for measuring the return on investment of these web marketing actions!

Why use a web copywriter to copywriter a sales page?

Entrusting the copywriting of a sales page to an experienced web editor is the guarantee of positioning your web pages well in Google while offering authentic content to your visitors. This is your best chance to appear in the first pages of results and boost your sales on the Web. The job of the web editor is to create texts optimized for the web, but also to make them attractive to readers. Its ultimate objective is twofold: 

  • attract visitors to your site by increasing the visibility of your website;
  • make them stay as long as possible to get them to take action. 

For this, the web editor uses a combination of natural referencing and copywriting techniques, which relies on several levers:  

  • use of the precise terms of your theme to capture the attention of search engines and that of the prospect;
  • targeting the profiles of your potential customers (or marketing personas) to adapt the sales arguments to them;
  • taking into account the user’s intention, that is to say his deep motivations;
  • study of the positioning of the company as an expert in the solutions it offers;
  • direct appeal to the reader to act.

To go further and learn the secrets of copywriting a sales page, you can consult this article or watch this video. Lucie Rondelet, SEO pro on the web, reveals everything!

“The written word is the most potent source of power in the entire universe. – Gary Halbert. Follow the advice of one of the best copywriters in history to sell effectively on the web! A sales page whose content is copywritten is necessarily a web page that converts. It is also the flagship tool of a successful online sales strategy. Of course, other techniques such as marketing automation, lead nurturing, content creation, Google AdWords campaigns or even the implementation of a CRM, can complete your actions to capture and retain your qualified prospects. To learn more, discover our best tips for significantly increase your sales volume on the Internet. Would you like to hire the services of a competent web editor to meet your copywriting needs? Our platform La Redact du Web has carefully selected for you the formidable freelance writers who will be able to boost your sales on the Web with the wave of a magic wand. You are only a few clicks away from transforming your online business: do not hesitate any longer and contact us!

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