Mobile App Ideas for Your Travel and Tourism Businesses

It’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs embrace the software and app Market. With a 23% annual growth predicted between now and 2030, there is still a massive opportunity for the right business.

But to win this modern-day gold rush, you must have an idea that’s more than original. It has to be something that has plenty of demand.

The travel and tourism industry is one in-demand area where you could build an app. Here are some fantastic mobile app ideas to get you thinking. 

Apps for Booking Hotels 

Perhaps you run a hotel and want to give customers an easy way to reserve rooms. Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur who wants to develop a hotel booking app that’s better than what’s already in the App Store.

Whatever your motivation, a hotel booking app offers potential for the right entrepreneur. Adding a booking system is relatively straightforward, and there is no shortage of demand. 

Activity Booking 

When you travel, you first want to ensure your week away is full of fun and exciting activities.

Perhaps that’s museums, sports, or exploring the local landmarks. But offering a convenient app where people can book travel activities in one place is a great idea. 

Activity and Event Finder 

Sticking with activities, another thing people look for on holiday is a list of activities and events near where they are staying. You could create a simple app allowing people to find events and activities within a specific radius.

You could gear this app towards tourists, which would be an excellent way for local businesses to advertise to travellers. 

Itinerary Plan 

For the organised traveller, an app could replace the traditional itinerary diary or printout many of us take when we vacation.

It’s a way of keeping all travel dates, times and locations in one place, including flight times, taxi bookings, and reservations at local restaurants.

This idea is also suitable for a travel business app, as business travellers often prefer a detailed itinerary. 

Road Trip or Walking Tour Guide App

Perhaps you could create an app for those travellers who love to take a road trip and explore the world on their own terms.

A tour app would allow users to explore maps and popular routes, noting landmarks, hotels and restaurants along the way.

You could even do a walking tour guide for a local city or a spooky ghost tour for popular historic cities like Edinburgh. Smartphone Market Many mobile app features will make this fun and informative, such as offering guided tours in different languages. 

Public Transport Timetable 

The benefit of mobile apps in the modern world is that we can have all information on hand, wherever we are. So with that in mind, the final idea is something more practical but still equally popular with travellers.

That’s an app that provides local transport timetables, together with costs, ticket information and a map. That’s very handy for anyone in an unfamiliar city, as many have unique (and not always easy-to-follow) public transport systems. 

Mobile App Ideas for Your Next Launch

This list of fun and enjoyable mobile app ideas for travel and tourism should get you thinking. There is still so much opportunity to make money and create a successful business, so why not start brainstorming your startup today?

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