How many CCIE certs are there?

You might have heard about technical certifications for senior networking professionals. These certifications are Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert or CCIE, a series of technical certifications. The senior networking professionals are associated with these certifications responsible for building, designing, implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting complex enterprise networking structures and infrastructures. For more details, look here

The CCIE certification program is divided into six separate chunks or tracks. The separate series or tracks of CCIE certification are as follows.

  • Collaboration
  • Datacenter
  • Routing and switching
  • Security
  • Service provider
  • Wireless 

CCIE was first issued in 1993. However, it was continuously updated by Cisco. It is to be mentioned that certified professionals are better than non-certified professionals. 

How many CCIE certs are there?

It is to be mentioned that CCIE certifications are one of the worthiest certifications a person can get. These certifications help people get more job opportunities and attractive salary packages. You might be interested in knowing the number of CCIE certs working worldwide. It is to be mentioned that almost 45000 active CCIE certs are working right now in the world. 

The number has increased significantly in the past few years, and it is still increasing. So this is a sign that people have become aware of the importance and benefits of certifications. 

Are there formal prerequisites for the CCIE exam?

Candidates should know everything before taking the exams. A lot of candidates are interested in knowing whether there are formal prerequisites in the CCIE exam or not. It is to be mentioned that there are no formal prerequisites that a typical CCIE candidate has to meet. 

However, the candidates have to bear the costs that come with CCIE certifications. The candidates should have 18 months of study time before getting the CCIE exam. The candidate can have an initial attempt to pass the lab exam within 1.5 years of passing the CCIE certification written exam. The candidate must reattempt and pass the lab exam within three months if he fails the lab exam. 

What are the CCIE training options that a candidate can avail of?

The candidates can avail of different training options according to their requirements. They can choose to take the courses through their independent groups. They can also get registered for the Cisco 360 Learning Program. This is one of the most effective and authentic learning programs in which the candidates can participate in expert-level certifications. Get more help at SPOTO CCIE.

What are the benefits of CCIE?

No one can deny that CCIE certifications are one of the worthiest certifications people can have. This is the most prestigious qualification in the networking industry. 

Getting the certifications can improve the advantages for the professionals as certified professionals are better than non-certified professionals. 

The CCIE certification is one of the best certifications that have the most practical applications. The CCIE professionals usually work as leaders in industries. 


The candidates should know that the certifications expire after three years. So they have to apply for recertification. They have to take the exams again to recertify their CCIE certifications.

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