What is SharePoint and what Role does it play in Document Management?

SharePoint is Microsoft’s solution for collaborative document management. It shows its qualities, particularly in combination with other office solutions from the company.

SharePoint is a collaboration-oriented application from Microsoft that was first released in 2001 – but at the time it was still called “Tahoe”. The renaming followed in 2012: SharePoint 2013 became part of Office 2013. The 2016 version was a new edition for private users. But Microsoft also offers some other versions for professional users:

  • SharePoint Online: A cloud-based service that can be activated via Office 365
  • SharePoint Server: Companies can provide the service “in-house” via a local network infrastructure
  • OneDrive for Business synchronizations as an interface: Data can be extracted from SharePoint documents.

The role of SharePoint development consultants
In the past, there were also the variants “Foundations” and “Designer”. However, Microsoft abandoned this with the release of Office 2016. This is why SharePoint development companies gained importance. All the variations and changes in features and the introduction of new features made it a little complicated. 

On the other hand, all these changes and the inclusion of new features made it more productive but to know how to take the potential benefits from this online space, you have to get help from some professional SharePoint development consultants who have been working with since long time and are familiar with all of its variations and innovations.

How SharePoint works

The application was originally used for the collaborative creation of websites. However, over time the service has evolved. It has now become a “safe place” for storing, structuring, sharing, and accessing information of all kinds from almost any type of disparate device. Put simply, SharePoint is used to merge work processes.

For example, the service is a common interface for Word documents or notes. Although it is possible to work together with file formats that do not originally come from Microsoft (e.g. PDFs), working with other Office solutions works best. 

Changing diagrams in presentations or other documents that are updated in real-time with Visio changes live for everyone involved via SharePoint. All these things come under the umbrella term of SharePoint development which has become a necessary thing for SharePoint users in modern businesses.

SharePoint in document management
The Microsoft solution allows certain documents to be provided with version numbers that users can search for, and with metadata. A distinctive Akte is created. Documents can be found again quickly, especially in large libraries. 

Check-ins and check-outs can also be created for documents. Users can also create specific viewing and sharing permissions for other users. Web feeds and/or e-mail notifications keep you up to date when an eFile has been changed.

The solution also offers the following functions for working with the service as a content management system:

  • Offline saving of documents in a draft folder and automatic synchronization when the device goes online
  • Separation of layout and content
  • Templates are provided that can be combined with specific content types
  • Content can be published by appointment

Automated provision of information from previously defined libraries or publication systems.

The term “SharePoint” means “Sharing Point”. 

The basic principle of SharePoint is that you can share your data exploration, documents, contacts, ideas, and projects with other users or groups of users. You can also share data and documents in an organization. In this way, you can create a “virtual office”.

In short, SharePoint development is used to share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, and other documents, such as Web pages and emails, as well as to create new documents. Share contacts, appointments, tasks, events, notes, and more, and manage them all together in one place.

Final Thoughts 

SharePoint development has become an important and necessary thing when it comes to document management and therefore taking help from a professional SharePoint consultant is essential thing. 

We at Al Rafay Consulting are committed to getting you maximum output from this platform with our team that is consisting of professionals who are familiar with all the innovations in SharePoint from its origin in 2001. For any queries and questions regarding SharePoint development, we encourage you to contact ARC for a piece of professional adv


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