Thermal Phone Cases For Your iPhone

If you’ve ever been in an extremely hot place, you might want to consider a thermal phone case for your smartphone. The iPhone’s battery operates best between -20C and 65C, so a thermal phone case will help protect your phone from extreme heat. The temperature of your iPhone is crucial as it can cause the device to shut off if it becomes too hot, or even burn you.


The PHOOZY Apollo II Series offers rugged enough protection for a summit of Everest, yet sleek enough to carry in your pocket for a daily selfie. Its award-winning technology and sleek form make it the ultimate city-to-mountain crossover gear.

Made of spacesuit-grade materials, the Phoozy Apollo II case will protect your phone from damage caused by extreme heat. It reflects over 90% of the heat from the sun, preventing overheating and battery damage. The case measures 6.5″ x 0.40″ x 3.6″ and comes packaged in a retail box.

Its Impactor Core 1.5 provides increased drop protection while maintaining the ultralight, slim design. It also comes with Sink Proof technology, meaning your phone won’t fall into water if it falls on its face. Another feature is the Split Ring/Key Chain Connector, which allows you to attach accessories like a lanyard or a jacket tether.

The Phoozy Apollo II Thermal Pouch will protect your phone from the elements and extend its battery life by up to 4X. Its patented Chromium Thermal Barrier keeps your phone from overheating in hot temperatures, and it offers military-grade shock protection. It also features a slim, ultralight design so it won’t impede wireless or cellular signals.

A Phoozy case will keep your phone safe and secure, and it won’t break the bank. Its low price might save you a lot in the long run. Plus, it comes with a range of features that make it an excellent purchase.


The XP3 thermal phone case is an excellent choice for protecting your phone against the heat and sun. It features a patented 5-layer protection system and Chromium Thermal Barrier, a material used in NASA’s space suits. It also has multiple attachment points and a stash pocket for all your mobile accessories. It fits most medium-sized smartphones and is available in two sizes. It also prevents your phone from falling when it is dropped.

This case is water and sweat-resistant. The dual-point attachment system makes it easier to secure your phone. The case is also compatible with most medium-sized cell phones and weighs only 0.02 kg. It is made from TPU material, which makes it air and moisture-resistant. It is also waterproof and is compatible with most cases.

Its unique design also makes it possible to easily attach it to your backpack. You can also attach it to a purse or other piece of luggage. Another advantage of this thermal phone case is that it can increase battery life by up to three times. It also has a layered matrix of premium technical materials.

Thermal phone cases are becoming increasingly popular as protective accessories. They keep your phone cool in hot weather because they reflect heat away from the phone. They also protect your phone from bumps and falls.

West Slope

The West Slope Case is designed to protect your smartphone from the elements. It features a waterproof, airtight, and submersible seal around your device. It also features a thick layer of aerogel insulation for added protection. In addition, the case is designed with an omni-compatible form, meaning it works with a wide range of smartphones.

Made of lightweight aerogel, the West Slope Case protects your smartphone from extreme temperatures, as well as acts as a shock absorber. It is durable enough to be used anywhere, from the Sahara to Siberia. The case also keeps your phone safe while rock climbing, rafting, and surfing.

The West Slope Case is waterproof and airtight, thanks to the use of aerogel insulation. It also includes a magnetic closure system for an airtight seal, and RF welded edges. This airtight seal makes it an excellent choice for ultralight hikers and backpackers.


The NASA thermal phone case is a revolutionary way to protect your cell phone from the extreme temperatures found outdoors. Extreme temperatures can damage the delicate electronic components in your cell phone, laptop, or tablet. Nick Blanton, a Maine-based entrepreneur, developed a fabric case using NASA thermal sheet technology.

This NASA thermal case works on the principle of heat transfer to protect your phone from extreme temperatures. It has multiple layers of insulation, which helps reflect sunlight away from your phone, while keeping the heat generated by your phone inside. Its tweed cover is designed with leather accents and snaps to close, and it doubles as a wallet with a zippered pocket for cash and credit cards.

In addition to protecting your phone, a NASA thermal phone case is also extremely lightweight. This protective capsule keeps your phone cool during extreme temperatures and prevents your battery from running out during summer. With its NASA-grade technology, the PHOOZY Apollo thermal phone case also protects against UV rays, keeping your phone from becoming overheated and useless in the sun.

NASA thermal phone cases are available in several styles and colors. It is important to find one that fits snugly to your cell phone. Otherwise, it will slide around and cause damage. Some cases feature reinforced corners and extra padding to ensure your phone stays safe even when you’re on the go.

XP3 series water-resistant

The XP3 series thermal phone case is designed to protect your smartphone from both overheating in the sun and freezing in the cold. It is water-resistant, drop-tested, and features a thermal capsule that extends the battery life of your phone by up to 3X. The case also features a buoyant feature that keeps your phone above water, thus extending battery life even during the harshest weather.

It offers 360-degree protection, and features an innovative multi-point attachment system with PHOOZY Quick-Attach Straps. It weighs just 0.02-kg and measures 7.4 X 4.1 inches. It offers full protection against the sun and is compatible with many cell phones.

The Phoozy XP3 series thermal phone case is one of the best options available for protecting your smartphone from extreme temperatures. Its patented Chromium Thermal Barrier, adapted from NASA spacesuit technology, protects your smartphone from extreme heat and cold. The UltraShieldRipstop Skin and UltraGrid pulls ensure your phone stays safe and at the surface of water, preventing any damage.

Thermal phone cases are increasingly popular among users. They can protect your phone from overheating by reflecting heat away from it, preventing damage to the phone’s circuitry and battery. In addition to this, a thermal phone case will also keep your phone safe from water and humidity.

XP3 series antimicrobial lining

The Phoozy XP3 series thermal phone case protects your smartphone and is made from five layers of patented protection. Its Chromium Thermal Barrier, a patented technology from NASA, helps prevent heat from damaging your phone. It also helps extend battery life by 4X. This case also comes with multiple attachment points and is water and weather resistant. It also protects your phone from accidental drops and smudges.

These protective phone cases offer multiple features including drop protection and camera protection. They also have slim profiles and are available in a variety of colors. They are also available for different Samsung phones. Here are some of the benefits of using a case: They are eco-friendly, and can protect your phone against up to 10 feet of drops.

XP3 series water-resistant thermal phone case offers 360-degree protection and is compatible with most large cell phones. It also features multi-point attachments and a stash pocket for valuables. The case’s design fits most smartphones, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S9+. And because it uses NASA-approved technology, it offers protection all year round.

The Phoozy Apollo II BlackOut Plus phone case is $30 and UK33, or about AU$60. It comes in three special edition colors: Woodland Edition, Mako Edition, and BlackOut. Both the Apollo II and XP3 thermal phone cases are equipped with antimicrobial lining for anti-microbial protection.

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