Mexican Restaurantes Mexicanos in New York

If you’re looking for a Mexican Restaurantes  in New York, look no further. There are several options that are sure to please your taste buds, from Xixa to La Morada. For a different approach to Mexican food, try Rocco’s Taco & Tequila Bar or Casa Vega.


Xixa is a swanky space serving inventive, upscale Mexican cuisine. It also features a slew of mezcals. The food here is a fusion of the traditional and the modern. A visit to this modern Mexican Restaurantes  is an experience to remember.

Xixa is owned by Heather Heuser and Jason Marcus, two Jewish restaurateurs who have been collaborating for years. Their first restaurant, Traif, focused on pork and opened just a few shop windows away from Xixa. After visiting Mexico on vacation and enjoying authentic Mexican Restaurantes  dishes, Jason and Heather became intrigued with the cuisine.

Xixa is a Mexican restaurant with an extensive wine list and extensive mezcal and tequila selection. The drink program will be more sophisticated than typical Mexican Restaurantes  restaurants. It will feature a focus on regional and terroir-based tequila/mezcal, as well as a selection of craft beers. The aim is to highlight the essence of the many classic Mexican drinks.

The owners of Xixa have a dream of opening a restaurant in Mexico City. Jason has studied the art of pasta-making in Italy, and Heather has met him through work. Together, they have decided to open a restaurant where their dream of Mexico City comes true. In doing so, they aim to create a new style of Mexican cuisine that features a mix of Mexican Restaurantes and non-Mexican ingredients.

If you are looking for a unique Mexican-fusion restaurant in New York City, Xixa is the place to go. The restaurant offers the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Mexico City, as well as authentic Mexican recipes. The restaurant also features a bar that serves mezcal and wines as well as a selection of craft beers. The seasonal menu features specials such as octopus, scallops, quail, and braised duck.

Xixa is a hip Williamsburg restaurant that serves Mexican cuisine and agave-inspired cocktails. It also offers over 200 different types of wine. The name itself alludes to the owners’ background, as ‘Xixa’ is a Yiddish word for ‘gentle woman.’ Though Jason, the chef, is Jewish, Heather, the co-owner, is not. The restaurant has a romantic interior and light, aphrodisiacal flavors.

La Morada

A casual restaurant with Mexican dishes focusing on Oaxacan food, La Morada is a great option for Mexican cuisine. The menu is varied and features fresh ingredients. Its staff will help you choose the perfect meal. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily.

The menu includes many options such as tostadas, tortas, crispy gorditas, and homemade tortillas. The al pastor tacos are a favorite, as well as the molcajete, a savory dish with vegetables, meats, and cheese.

Since opening in 2009, La Morada has received multiple Michelin Bib Gourmand awards. It is also an active partner of the ReThink Group, an organization that works to improve access to food and fight hunger in Mexico. They partner with churches and other groups to distribute food to communities in need.

The restaurant serves traditional Mexican fare, and its staff speaks both Spanish and Mixteco. Despite the fact that many of its employees are indocumented, they are just trying to show the truth about their lives. They are not intimidated by celebrity endorsements. They are trying to serve their communities in a way that honors the culture and heritage of the people they serve.

Located in the Bronx, La Morada is a Mexican restaurant with a great reputation. The restaurant is renowned for its excellent food and warm, friendly staff. There’s a huge menu to choose from and everything on it is sure to be delicious. A popular dish here is the mole verde, which is a spicy mixture of spices and peppers that has a similar taste to pizza. The restaurant also serves as a social hub for the Mexican community. The restaurant’s pro-immigrant policy means that it is committed to keeping the culture of Mexico alive in the New York community.

The menu del dia is an affordable and delicious way to try Mexican food without breaking the bank. The restaurant usually offers a selection of dishes, including salsas, guisado, meat, and postre. If you have a large group, order several plates for everyone.

Rocco’s Taco & Tequila Bar

This buzzing Mexican hotspot features classic Mexican dishes, snacks, and more than 400 varieties of tequila. Whether you want to sip on a cold one or try something new, this restaurant is the perfect place for you.

The atmosphere at Rocco’s is as much a nightclub as it is a Mexican restaurant. Whether you’re looking for a place to meet friends or celebrate a special occasion, Rocco’s has a large, private banquet room for private parties. The food is accompanied by over 225 varieties of tequila, which is made fresh tableside.

Rocco’s Taco & Taquila Bar offers authentic Mexican cuisine at a reasonable price. Their Mexican menu features simple recipes that are perfect for everyday eating. You’ll also find fresh guacamole and a large selection of Tequila. The restaurant also has outdoor courtyard seating.

The owner of Rocco’s Taco & Taquila Bar loves traveling and spending time with his family. He has a new baby girl named Charley. The restaurant’s decor is fun and cheerful, and the atmosphere is contagious.

Rocco’s Taco & Taco Bar was founded in 2007 by Rocco Mangel. Rocco studied in the restaurant industry and worked his way up from a bus boy to general manager. He later bought a Mexican restaurant in West Palm Beach, Fla. Currently, Rocco’s has eight locations in Florida and one in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Casa Vega

Casa Vega is a fun throwback to the 1950s. The menu includes classic Mexican eats, and the happy hours are margarita-fueled and late. The retro decor and 1950s music add to the nostalgia. The menu changes frequently, but there are plenty of options to satisfy any palate.

The Mexican food at Casa Vega is fresh and delicious. The menu includes options for vegetarians and vegans. The bar features tasty drinks such as house margaritas and mojitos. For those who have a sweet tooth, Casa Vega serves skinny margaritas with Agave, a natural sugar substitute. The menu also includes hand-chopped guacamole with fresh Haas avocados, lime juice, and pico de gallo. Casa Vega also offers soups, including shredded chicken in a clear broth with avocado, cotija cheese, and tortilla strips.

Casa Vega is a family-owned Mexican restaurant that opened in 1956. The family-run business serves traditional Mexican cuisine, complemented by hand-crafted margaritas. The restaurant continues to serve generations of diners. Traditional dishes include chicken mole and burritos, as well as combination plates. The molcajete is an iconic dish at Casa Vega.

The restaurant has long been a favorite among celebrities. Jane Fonda was one of the first customers. Later, Brando and Cary Grant made frequent visits. Even today, Casa Vega continues to be a popular place in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood. Christy Vega, who runs much of the business, says the restaurant’s success is due to the Vega family’s knowledge of authentic Mexican cooking.

The Vega family restaurant continues to serve traditional Mexican fare while also introducing healthier options for guests. The restaurant does not use lard or MSG, and its meat is cage-free. It also serves Maine lobster and uses natural Angus beef. Most ingredients are locally sourced or from California. It has also added more vegetarian and vegan options to its menu.

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