Missed Connection Ad on Pittsburgh Craigslist

If you’re looking to sell or buy something, Pittsburgh Craigslist might be a good place to start. The site doesn’t require any registration, and you can contact sellers directly via their postings. You can even call or email them for more information, and your personal information is encrypted.

‘missed connection’ ad

This Missed Connection ad on was posted by a woman seeking a guy. The ad states that “I’m shy, but the short do taste better.” She hopes to meet a guy for a date or a meal.

‘Ate the wrong cheese rant’

A Pittsburgh Craigslist ad has been getting a lot of attention lately. This ‘Ate the wrong cheese rant’ has a number of interesting topics. It also raises the question of whether the poster has a problem with cats. And if he does, he could be a serial killer in the making.

‘Ate the wrong cheese’ ad

A Pittsburgh Craigslist poster’s ‘Ate the wrong cheese’ advertisement has a few interesting aspects. For one thing, she’s looking for a date. The ad ends with: “I’m a little shy, but the short variety does taste better.” Hopefully, this poster’s ad leads to a date or a meal.

‘Missing connection’ ad

There’s a missing connection ad on Pittsburgh Craigslist. It’s written by a woman who’s looking for a guy she met at a local restaurant, Crabtree Gas and Go. Her ad concludes with the words, “I’m shy, but the short ones do taste better.” She hopes to find a date or dinner with the right guy.

The city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a weird place. Its residents are very unique and quirky, which shows in the ads on Pittsburgh Craigslist. This online classified website is a good place to find friends, work or rent an apartment.

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