The Bouldering Project Purchases Three Brooklyn Boulders Gyms

In late 2012, Brooklyn Boulders hosted an obstacle race as part of a story on the sport and lifestyle of indoor rock climbing. Throughout the event, members were treated to the theme song of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and free beer. The event was so popular that many eager climbers were turned away. The Bouldering Project purchased all three Brooklyn Boulders gyms, and many of the staff and members were eager to see what they could do with the new space.

The new funding has helped the community grow by expanding the scope of Brooklyn Boulders. The company plans to add more features to their premium prospecting site. The newest funding means more features for members and higher levels of accessibility. Members can now take advantage of more services in addition to their free account. Brooklyn Boulders is a great place to try rock climbing, and it’s an ideal place to meet new people. Brooklyn Boulders is a great place for families with young children and those on a budget.

The Boulders’ cafe has free Wi-Fi, a yoga studio, and a running and weight-lifting studio. There is also a sauna and shower facilities. The Boulders also host concerts and salsa workshops. And, you can do your homework while you workout on the rock walls. If you live in Brooklyn, a trip to Brooklyn Boulders can help you get in shape for the rest of the year! The boulders are conveniently located near the T. Take the #83 or 87 bus to get there.

The BKB Collective also sued Brooklyn Boulders after claiming that the company denied discounts to NYPD officers. In the BKB Collective’s lawsuit, Balboni declined to comment on the allegations but stuck by his record of creating a diverse workplace. The Boulders are proud to say that 60 percent of their managers are BIPOC and women. The company also has committees for personnel decisions, hiring and promotion. It is difficult to find a company that works well with such a diverse culture.

Last year, a group of ninety BKB employees issued an open letter to the company’s management, describing a “toxic workplace” where top executives have a history of racism and misogyny. The group called for majority turnover of the executive leadership team, increased investment in Black communities, and the elimination of at-will employment. They are also asking the company to end at-will employment, which has eroded trust in the organization.

Brooklyn Boulders is a great way to introduce the sport to a new audience. Its location and equipment are unparalleled in the city. You can also buy the Brooklyn Bouldering Project membership, which has the same rates as BKB. The new gym is unlikely to attract many of the same climbers who left BKB, but it may help the Brooklyn Boulders regain a spot in the competitive rock climbing scene. There are many advantages of owning a gym. You’ll feel good knowing that your climbing friend or loved one is getting a chance to try rock climbing.

While Brooklyn Boulders has faced a public outcry for its treatment of BIPOC workers, other climbing gyms are quick to implement inclusive programming. This includes forming relationships with local businesses. However, unlike Brooklyn Boulders, the NYC Climbing Collective does not receive venture capital, which makes it much harder to raise capital for its programs. That being said, it’s worth pointing out that BIPOC workers were forced to leave their jobs because of the treatment they were given.

Since the Bouldering Project owns Brooklyn Boulders, the company has grown. With locations in Boston, Seattle, Austin, the company offers a diverse range of products and services, including rock climbing, yoga, and fitness programs. Brooklyn Boulders also offers youth programs and is backed by FS Investors, LLC. Houlihan Lokey is a family office that partners with management teams in multiple sectors.

BKB is a part of the Brothers of Climbing organization. They have never paid any participation fees to Color the Crag festival. Yet they have been a generous sponsor of the event, contributing $5,000 to its success. The event has attracted many new climbers and increased the club’s popularity. This will undoubtedly lead to more business for Brooklyn Boulders. So, be sure to check them out! They will certainly have something that will excite and inspire you!

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