Geekzilla Tech – Games of the Day 7 July 2022

Hey Geekzilla tech enthusiasts a.k.a Geekzillos! Techscoops has compiled the best games of the day for your entertainment and enjoyment.

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Geekzilla technology Gaming of the Day 1 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 players

Quests, fighters and more game-related content is waiting to be played in the brand new Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC.

Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. today announced the latest DLC available for the DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 which introduces three new fighters as well as new game missions, customisation options, and more.

CD Conton City Vote pack

Today is the first day to download beginning today, Conton City Vote Pack DLC features three new characters, Goku (Ultra Instinct Sign-), Dyspo, and Vegeta (GT) . The game’s roster is a plethora of characters in two brand new bonus missions that build on the DRAGON BALL: The Xenoverse 2 its wacky narrative . The players are also able to look forward to new side missions, Oversouls, Loading Screen Artwork. Alongside, ten additional moves, and four outfits/accessories that enhance the character of the player. Future Warrior.

DLC Legend Patrol Pack

In addition to that, also, the Legend Patrol Pack that was prior to its release only on Nintendo Switch is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC via STEAM, and Stadia. This DLC lets the DRAGON BALL owners of XENOVERSE 2 to enjoy the storyline of The Time Patrol from the original DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE. Along with other information that comes from the DRAGON BALL GT arc.

The Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Conton City Vote Pack DLC can be bought at $7.99 USD. The Legend Patrol Pack is also available for purchase at $9.99 USD. For more information about the most recent updates, make sure to check out the official website for the game. DrAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2. can be downloaded on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC through STEAM and Stadia.

The waiting has ended! It’s finally here! Conton City Vote Pack and Legend Patrol Pack DLC are now available.

Gaming from Geekzillatech of the Day 2 Game of the day 2 Rhapsody

Rhapsody is an emo-loving DJ who has cute, but dangerous assistant robot controlled by an Artificial Intelligence called “Rowdy”. The DJ is ready to rock your Apex Games with brand new music and special rhythm skills.

Originating from Komma which is in which the tech giant, Pythas Inc. is the sole authority, Rhapsody used his love of music to make to escape the poverty of the nightlife area that is Neon Dunes and eventually was an extremely renowned legends of the Apex scene. His mother is who was an AI engineer who developed Rowdy Rhapsody’s robot companion was fired of Pythas Inc. because she discovered company secrets . Now this legend must take part at the Apex Games as their representative to protect his family from the ravages of. debt.

More details regarding this Season 2 update will be announced in the near future. Players can anticipate plenty of brand new content, upgrades and updates. Additionally, the balancing of game modes, weapons as well as the ranking system, and much more.

Do you have a view about the latest Legend of Apex Legends Mobile Rhapsody?

Soon to be released Soon to be released Sea of Stars

A fitting celebration of the JRPG will be coming in the near future!

As a kid, who has never played an JRPG or an RPG? We would spend long hours playing these games using combat systems that were based on turns. The new generation of JRPGs start to blend with improved graphic design and 3D modelling. like Sea Of Stars which is the game we’ll discuss in the coming weeks and is certainly an appropriate tribute to the games that we love so much. Hopefully, the developers have a few words to say to us.

Sabotage was established with a specific objective in mind: to create our own “definitive versions” of the games you grew up playing. They fused retro aesthetics with modern designs, and we sought out experiences that would capture the nostalgia of older games without removing any aspects that could be outdated to the day.

Sabotage Studio started its own turn-based game with just a few guidelines. They wanted a smooth transition from navigation to combat with no random encounters or grind. Combat is obviously crucial and we should look at it a little more.

Royal shifts

The game, Sea of Stars, combat is entirely turn-based . There are no time limits and this takes the pressure off. As a result the player is able to take decisions at their own speed. Each of the six playable characters has an assortment of four spells or abilities that have various damage types and styles. Additionally they can be paired with other characters.

MP is limited to a very small amount however, it regenerates when normal attacks are employed and creates a flow of magic is considered to be a part of the course of a typical fight. However when you are fighting the boss, you need to be able to keep the big spells in check by using certain normal attacks.

The absence of chance encounters ensures that each battle is crafted by hand to give an individual pattern of opponents that the smart Solstice Warrior can analyze and optimize. The other combat options offer a balanced balance of the ability to use and damage.


The enemies who create spells or have special abilities show locks on their bar that each have an icon that indicates a specific kind of damage. The breaking of a lock weakens your next move. If you break them all then the move is forever disrupted.

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