Bricktown Brewery is located in Owasso Oklahoma

A buried Oompa Loompa can be found in the basement at Bricktown Brewery. It’s just one of many local craft breweries that has seen great growth in recent decades. A rotating list of beers is available, as well as special events like a monthly beer fest. also operates twelve locations throughout the city. Make sure to check them all!

Root beer

Bricktown Brewery’s Root beer might be a good choice for you if you’re looking to try a new drink. This root beer comes in a variety flavors, including the classic American one. It’s also a delicious dessert. Bricktown Brewery offers many other drinks, such as their root beer floating and famous bread drink. Their prices are reasonable and they have been well rated by Google.

The brewery’s roots lie in Missouri, even though the company is based in Oklahoma City. The founders of the brewery are both mid-west natives and were raised in Springfield. The brewery has now opened 12 locations throughout the Midwest, including Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City. Although they are looking to expand in other states, they do not have immediate plans to produce better-quality beers. Bricktown’s Root Beer is the only soft soda currently available in Oklahoma.

Oompa Loopas are buried in basement of bricktown brewery

Bricktown Brewery, Owasso Oklahoma, opened in November 1992. The brewery is found in an old candy factory. It is believed that the Oompa Loopas haunt it. Bricktown has been reopened and closed three times, but the ghosts still haunt it. is an essential part of any Owasso visit.

Restaurants that offer beer

Are you looking for quick food and a bottle of bricktown brewery beer? A local brewpub chain is a good choice. These establishments serve American comfort food in brick-walled spaces. Brick walls provide a more relaxing dining experience and there are many choices. Below are some of the best restaurants in and near the city.

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