Sun Drawing – Give Your Child a Creative Art Project

If you want to give your little one a creative art project, try a sun drawing. It’s easy and fun to draw, and a child’s favorite part is coloring the finished drawing! You can use a pencil or color pencil, or oil pastels if your child prefers. This sun drawing is easy enough that your child can finish it in just one sitting! Just be sure to use a bright and fun color palette for the drawing.

The sun is 300,000 times smaller than the earth, so drawing it in an artistic style will help you better understand the planet’s size. When viewed from earth, the core of the sun is a white light. The orange shadow that surrounds this light is called the “shadow” of the sun. To draw the shadow, you can use a black or orange pencil. Once you’ve finished the drawing, you can erase any unwanted lines with a black marker.

The sun is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and kids often try to mimic it. They often draw the sun in an unconventional way, or place its rays in a bizarre arrangement. While this may sound intimidating, it can actually be a lot of fun! The key is to remember that you’re just starting out, and practice is the key to success. Don’t worry if you can’t produce the perfect drawing right away. Practicing everyday is the key to improving your skills!

Oil pastels

Creating a Sun drawing with oil pastels is a great way to learn more about the different types of colors and textures that exist in nature. You can also use pastels to emphasize the landscape and highlight different elements. Using a shade stick can help you blend the colors and create depth. The following tutorial outlines the process of creating a beautiful Sun drawing. You can download the PDF files and print them at home to get started on your next art project.

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