The Best Air Purifiers To Save You From Allergy Season’s Wrath

The Best Air Purifiers To Save You From Allergy Season’s Wrath

Spring is officially in full swing, and with the new season comes new flowers, warmer weather and of course, allergies. All of the pollen in the air can cause a serious issue for a lot of people, and it kind of ruins what is otherwise the best season of the year (in my humble opinion). Now, for those of us pet parents, spring is also the kick-off of shedding season, which can also make allergies worse. The combination of both pet dander and pollen can make your home a war zone of potential allergens. As a result, one of the most important products you can own at your place is an air purifier.

Fortunately, investing in a good air purifier for allergies can help filter out incredibly fine particles, pet dander, pollen, smoke, and other allergens and air pollutants to significantly improve your air quality and help make it easier to breathe at home. Additionally, many air purifiers are also engineered with other cool features, including fans and heaters to both clean the air and regulate temperature.

The size and shape of the air purifier in question can also be a major factor. For someone like me who lives in a shoebox apartment, having a tower-style one that can fit in a corner is more valuable than a larger, more powerful option. Nowadays, there are so many different air purifiers to choose from, all with varying benefits and features and priced for a wide range of budgets. Scroll through below to check out our favorite air purifiers for allergies below.

Dyson Pure Cool Link

One of the most stylistically unique brands, Dyson has a number of high-quality products that stand up to the flash of their look. The Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier is a solid addition to that group with the filter catching ultrafine particles including the important pet dander and pollen. What makes this product so unique is the capability to blow cool air during the warmer months and then room temperature during cooler months. Furthermore, you can control and monitor air quality from the Dyson Link app. At night, you can use the night mode which will continue to purify the air at a much quieter volume.

Coway Airmega AP

A major name when it comes to air purifiers, Coway’s Airmega AP is considered to be one of the best air purifiers you can buy. With a four-stage filtration system including a HEPA filter and an Ionization filter, the Airmega can not only clean the air at every level, but can also deodorize it meaning that if you have any particularly fragrant scents wafting through your home, this air purifier will get rid of it. Furthermore, with multiple speed settings and an eco mode, the Coway Airmega AP is designed to work under any circumstances at a higher level than nearly all other options on the market.

Blueair Air Purifier

If you are looking for something more compact, the Blueair Air Purifier is one of the best options you can buy. In a small cylindrical shape, the Blueair Air Purifier has a fabric pre-filter to catch large particles, a true filter to catch pollen, dander and other small particles, and finally, a carbon filter that helps remove odors and smells. In addition to the small size and strong filtering capabilities, the product has multiple different outer colors that can fit into any room theme. The device also automatically adjusts its power to fit the air quality of the room.

Winix PlasmaWave 5500

One of the most unique options on the market, the Winix Plasma Wave 5500 uses the patented PlasmaWave cleaning technology to help improve air quality. In addition to this, the device has three different filters to catch all potential particles including a carbon filter that does not have to be replaced nearly as often due to being washable. The air purifier also has automatic sensors to adjust its power to match the air quality as well as a night mode for more quiet operation as you sleep.

Bissell air320 Smart Air Purifier

When I look down at all the different air purifiers, the Bissell air320 Smart Air Purifier might be the most stylish. With the wooden legs and a sort of retro design to it, this is the sort of air purifier you could buy just to have it sit in your home looking nice. Obviously, it is also is incredibly effective at cleaning the air with a HEPA filter and a 3-stage filtration system to remove particles. At its lowest setting, the Bissell device is also considered to be “library” quiet at just 34 decibels.

Honeywell InSight HEPA Air Purifier

Another HEPA filtered air purifier, the Honeywell InSight Air Purifier is a quality option that effectively cleans the air of allergens and particles. Furthermore, with an air quality indicator and 4 different power levels. Each level is designed to focus more on a specific allergen. The device also has an automatic mode that works specifically based on the air quality. The air purifier is also fairly small allowing it to be easily transferred from room to room and not take up a lot of space no matter where it is.

Samsung Cube Smart Air Purifier

One of the technological device leaders in the world, Samsung has several different powerful products including the Samsung Cube Smart Air Purifier. The Cube is unique from other options because it does not blow air like a fan as it purifies. Instead, the device slowly releases air so it does not create a draft or cool down the room during the winter. In addition to this, the Samsung Cube has a display on the front that shows off the air quality of the room at any given time. The product is also made stackable so you can put the two devices on each other to run at the same time.

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