Two-Thirds of Democrats Oppose Protests Outside of Supreme Court Justices’ Homes, Survey Shows

Two-Thirds of Democrats Oppose Protests Outside of Supreme Court Justices’ Homes, Survey Shows

According to a new survey by The Trafalgar Group, two-thirds of Democrats say they do not approve of protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices.

The nationwide survey, conducted from May 6 to May 8 with 1,082 respondents, found that 66.6 percent of Democratic respondents oppose the pro-abortion protests happening outside of several Supreme Court justices’ homes over the leaked draft opinion about overturning Roe v. Wade.

Conversely, 21.4 percent of Democrats said the demonstrations were “an acceptable way” to protest the upcoming landmark decision. Twelve percent said they were unsure.

On the Republican side, 86.5 percent of respondents said that the pro-abortion demonstrations were not “an acceptable way” to protest the draft opinion. On the other hand, 7.9 percent said they were in favor of them, and 5.7 percent were unsure how they felt about them.

About 75.1 percent of Independents also said they disapproved of the protests, while 18.5 percent said they approved of them, and 6.5 percent were not sure.

When asked if they believed that President Joe Biden’s refusal to publicly condemn the protests or the abortion activists who published the Supreme Court justices’ home addresses online would contribute to possible lawlessness and violence, most American respondents said yes (52.3 percent).

Along party lines, only 27.7 percent of Democrats said that the lack of condemnation of the protests would likely result in violence. Far greater numbers of Republicans and Independents agreed (75.6 percent and 54.7 percent, respectively).

On the other hand, 39.2 percent of Democrats, 6.2 percent of Republicans and 7 percent of Independents said that Biden’s lack of public condemnation would discourage protests from becoming unlawful or violent.

As Christian Headlines previously reported, pro-abortion advocates held protests outside the homes of Justices John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend and Samuel Alito’s house on Monday. The demonstrations outside Alito’s house were met with vulgar chants since he authored the leaked draft opinion on Feb. 10.

The justices are scheduled to reconvene on Thursday for the first time since the draft opinion was leaked. Another draft opinion is set to be released on Monday.

As reported by Politico, despite the protests, the conservative majority — Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett, Kavanaugh, Roberts and Alito — remains steadfast in their opinion that Roe V. Wade should be overturned. Dissenting opinions by the three liberal justices, however, have yet to be issued.


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