Letters to the Editor — May 8, 2022

Letters to the Editor — May 8, 2022

Premature primary

After a federal judge tossed out the redistricting maps for congressional and state Senate seats, the new date of the primary has been scheduled for Aug. 23 (“Nix on ’mander map plea,” May 5). I think this is a form of voter suppression.

The date of the primary should be in September, not in August. Primaries in New York used to be held in September. August is a holiday month, and many voters will be away on vacation or not paying attention to politics. They certainly will be less likely to watch a debate. An August primary date will result in reduced turnout.

Delaying the primary to mid or late September will provide candidates with an opportunity to have a better appreciation of the issues facing voters in their new district lines.

There is not enough time between now and August for candidates to familiarize themselves with the leaders and issues in districts they have no familiarity with.

Paul Feiner


Green delusions

The Post article “Union sees red on Kat’s ‘Green’ ” (May 4) brings up many issues.

While I do believe we are contributing to global warming, 10,000 years ago New York City was covered in a mile of ice and millions of years ago it was under water, as was a sizeable portion of the Atlantic coastal plains. We have had numerous periods of global warming and cooling.

If New York state eliminates the future use of natural gas — a plentiful resource — and goes to all-electric in our shift to reduce warming, how do we continue?

We can’t meet our current electric needs, and people don’t want more power plants, power poles and facilities in their area. So just think: There will be electric cars, electric buses, electric stoves, electric heat — and then a power failure. No transit, no delivery, no food and no heat.

Additionally, anyone who currently has an all-electric home will tell you the cost is very high. We need to have a basket of energy sources. You can’t keep the energy needs for survival in one basket.

John Ruggiero

Staten Island

Blas’ apology

After reading The Post article about Bill de Blasio admitting that he failed as mayor, I wanted to throw up (“De Blas admits: I failed,” May 4).

He not only failed but is the main reason that New York City is in the shape that it’s in. He and his wife are the reason we have so many homeless people in New York and all these mental patients in the streets and subways.

He also caused disrespect to the police by allowing water to be dumped on police officers without any action being taken against the people doing it.

In my 80-plus years living in New York, he is by far the worst mayor the city ever had. And to all those people who voted for him twice — shame on you for not thinking before you voted. You get what you ask for.

John Wilde

Massapequa Park

Lunch disgust

As a nutritionist, these alarming photos of school lunches are so heartbreaking (“ ‘Sloppy Woes’ On The Menu,” May 2).

Considering all the studies on healthy meals improving children’s attitudes, participation and learning abilities, you wonder how this continues to occur.

What is equally frustrating is that these food suppliers are under federal contracts which often get re-authorized without oversight such as inspections.

This is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic in New York and nationwide. The number of children and families relying on various school meals continues to increase, which will stop any progress in reducing childhood obesity if a new direction is not taken.

Greg Raleigh

Washington, DC

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