Telehealth has Revolutionized Medicine and we have Revoutionized Telehealth

Telehealth has Revolutionized Medicine and we have Revoutionized Telehealth

Dr. Thomas Sharon, a nurse practitioner, has revolutionized telehealth with an artificial intelligence app that downloads to the patient’s cell phone. With just a 60-second facial scan using the phone’s camera, the app is able to provide readings on the person’s heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, stress level, and heart rate variability index. Says Dr. Sharon, “This allows us to quickly and easily determine a patient’s risk of having a heart attack. The app has the potential to greatly improve the quality of care that patients receive, as well as reduce costs by making it unnecessary for patients to travel to see a doctor in person. In addition, the app could also be used to monitor patients remotely, which would allow for earlier detection of health problems and more timely interventions.”

Dr. Sharon’s innovative action is just one example of how artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of healthcare. AI allows for the development and use of machines that can learn, reason, and make decisions like humans, using complex algorithms to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Although some may be concerned about the ethical implications of relying on AI systems to help with medical decision-making, there is an enormous amount of potential in this rapidly developing field. The more doctors are able to harness AI in health care, the more efficient they will be in providing high quality care through telehealth.

Although the currently available app is a major breakthrough, AI-based systems will become increasingly more vital in health care, improving patient outcomes while reducing costs. As AI technology continues to evolve, it is likely that there even more innovative applications like measuring blood glucose levels, complete blood counts (CBC), plus applications that today seem like science fiction like conducting physical exams through virtual reality.

However, with todays new AI software in play, Dr. Sharon can remotely monitor heart rate variability (HRV) in real time. HRV is a crucial indicator of healthy heart function. In recent years, the development of powerful AI software has made it possible to track HRV through sophisticated algorithms and real-time metrics from a facial scan utilizing the patient’s cell phone camera. This new technology has been rapidly adopted by health care providers across the globe, including Dr. Sharon, who has recently acquired this cutting-edge AI software for his clinic and telehealth practice.

The HRV index tracks fluctuations in heart rhythm and helps physicians to better assess a patient’s risk for cardiac events like heart attacks or atrial fibrillation. By analyzing these fluctuations over time, doctors can identify potential health issues before they develop into full-blown problems. Thanks to the advanced AI capabilities of the AI software that Dr. Sharon acquired, patients now have access to real-time HRV data that the provider can easily track and monitor over time. With this information at their fingertips, providers are better equipped to advise patients on how to prevent cardiovascular disease.

To find out more about how this new technology can resolve existing and potential health problems, You should visit me at my website at where we strive to keep you in good health.

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