Are Sweden and Finland under threat?

Are Sweden and Finland under threat?
From: Inside Story

The two Nordic countries say they will apply to join the NATO transatlantic military alliance.

Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, NATO membership barely featured in political debate in Finland and Sweden.

But Moscow’s actions and nuclear threats could lead to the western military alliance gaining two new members.

The leaders of both countries have the support of Germany – where they recently met their host Chancellor Olaf Scholz to talk about security in the region.

Moscow has repeatedly warned of serious consequences if Finland or Sweden join the alliance.

So, what would NATO membership mean for the Nordic region?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Dmitry Babich, political analyst at InoSMI Internet media project

Eoin McNamara, visiting research fellow at Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Nicholas Whyte, international affairs strategist

Published On 4 May 2022

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