The Halal Guys Offers Loyal Diners A Food Cart NFT

The Halal Guys Offers Loyal Diners A Food Cart NFT

American halal fast-food chain, The Halal Guys, is now offering its loyal diners a food cart NFT. Other than that, the NFT offering is also part of the initiative to celebrate the restaurant’s 100th store opening in Pittsburgh, Pa. this month.

So if you wish to get one of the exclusive NFTs, just make sure you have dined 100 times with The Halal Guys. Eligible diners will get to enter the Century Club and receive the food cart NFT as part of the rewards.

The Halal Guys is entering the NFT space.
Juicy chicken, Gyros, and Falafel platters are some of the popular choices on the menu. Credit: The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys is entering the NFT space

Firstly, apart from getting a food cart NFT, being a member of the Century Club has its own perks and benefits too. These include swag, a Century Club coin, and a 3D printed cart.

“We felt the NFT offered an interesting juxtaposition of the same kind of old school carts we’re so well known for with a modern 2022 twist on it,” said Andrew Eck, the Marketing VP of The Halal Guys. “I’ve been paying attention to what some other concepts within this space of the industry have been doing … I thought it could be a cool way to bring The Halal Guys into that world as well.”

The Halal Guys NFT
The food cart NFT. Credit: The Halal Guys.

Final thoughts

All in all, as NFTs reach mass adoption, many big brands are using NFTs as a marketing tool. This includes major food chains such as KFC and McDonald’s. However, some used NFTs to help improve the food industry instead. One good example is the launch of the Food Fighters Universe NFT collection by Andy Nguyen and Kevin Seo.

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