Galaxy Fight Club Partners With OG NFTs Supducks

Galaxy Fight Club Partners With OG NFTs Supducks

It has been recently announced that Galaxy Fight Club now have an official partnership with the OG NFT project, Supducks. Current Supducks holders will get access to exclusive 3D models in Galaxy Fight Club which they’ll be able to use in-game.

Galaxy Fight Club Supducks
The Galaxy Fight Club and SupDucks collab was announced on Wednesday.

About the Collaboration

Galaxy Fight Club announced the collaboration on Twitter and Medium on Tuesday, 26th April. It was met with huge excitement from fans of both of the projects. The announcement was followed by Twitter Spaces between the Galaxy Fight Club and SupDucks teams the next day.

Both projects have been around for roughly the same time, giving them the rightful title of ‘NFT OGs’. This isn’t SupDucks’ only collaboration with other NFT projects or big names, they even announced a collaboration with the crypto content creator, KmanuS88, this week.

What is Galaxy Fight Club?

Galaxy Fight Club is a cross-IP PVP game for the NFT universe. Their game is playable on both PC and mobile, and the general concept is that NFT holders from different collections can battle with each other and earn rewards through their play-to-earn capabilities. They have already officially partnered with DeadHeads and MetaKey, to name a few.

They have also mentioned that their goal is to build the ‘Super Smash Bros’ of the NFT universe. This concept is based on the idea that you can have characters from different IPs (in this case, NFT projects) come together and fight. The example they use is Pikachu fighting Mario.

Outwith official partnerships, they also allow for Cryptopunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and other blue-chip NFT holders to use their tokens and fight in the game.

Their coin, $GCOIN is a token that can only be earned by playing the game and is not sold to players directly. It is sellable on open exchanges such as Uniswap and Sushiswap.

What is SupDucks?

SupDucks are an OG NFT collection in many people’s eyes, they were launched in July 2021.

Currently, on OpenSea, the floor price is 0.49 ETH, or around $1400. Until this point, 23,000+ ETH in volume has been traded on the premier NFT platform. There are currently 3.6k owners.

The MegaVaultCorp team have made subsequent collections of KingFrogs and MegaToads off the back of the SupDucks success.

Also, SupDucks have a strong community, with over 73,000 followers on Twitter and 28,000 Discord members.

Interestingly, SupDucks also have a utility token, similar to Galaxy Fight Club. Theirs is called $VOLT and genesis holders earn $VOLT daily. Earnings can be used for various features within SupDucks, such as upgrading their NFT and accessing exclusive drops.

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