Cool Cats NFT Project CEO Steps Down, Applications Are Open

Cool Cats NFT Project CEO Steps Down, Applications Are Open

In a TownHall meeting yesterday, Cool Cats NFT project team announced that Chris Hassett has stepped down as CEO. The team is now working with a top recruitment firm to find the next world-class CEO for the project.

To anybody who has just lost their job, here is your chance to shine in Web3. But keep in mind anons. The competition is fierce. Read on to find out more.

Cool Cats NFT CEO is stepping down.
Looking for a new job in Web3? Credit: Cool Cats NFT.

Cool Cats NFT project CEO has stepped down: What are you waiting for?

As Cool Cats’ CEO has stepped down, founders will lead the project until they find the right candidate for the vacancy. One of the Twitter users, @SearchDecoder, thinks that this a good news, as the Cool Cats NFT project needed new leadership. But he also questioned the reason why none of the founders take up the role of CEO instead.

Nobody has the answer to @SearchDecoder’s question for now. But many in the Cool Cats community have pitched themselves for the role of CEO. Needless to say, a clear majority of them on Twitter voted for one candidate in particular, which is @sighduck.

Impressively, @sighduck has come up with a detailed thread on Twitter, explaining why he should be hired as the next CEO of the Cool Cats NFT project. Listen up. Firstly, he has the deep expertise to run a real business. Next, he is an empathetic and yet a direct leader.

And above everything else, @sighduck is extremely passionate about all things Cool Cats NFT. In fact, he has been an active member of the community for quite some time now.

Final thoughts

All things considered, we wish all the best to those who are applying for the role. To be honest, the Cool Cats community seems to be pretty happy about the departure of its now-former CEO. This is probably due to the fact that the announcement came at a time when the NFT project is launching its Cooltopia game with a need for new leadership.

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