Lunchbox Launches Food Tech Zine To Increase Understanding of Restaurant Sustainability

Lunchbox Launches Food Tech Zine To Increase Understanding of Restaurant Sustainability

Lunchbox Launches Food Tech Zine To Increase Understanding of Restaurant Sustainability

Lunchbox Launches Food Tech Zine To Increase Understanding of Restaurant SustainabilityNew York, NY  (RestaurantNews.comLunchbox, the modern ordering system for restaurants to grow their online revenue, today announced the launch of Lunchbox Zine, a new print publication that’s addressing the latest issues happening in the food and restaurant industry. It will be the first produced and printed publication from the Lunchbox Publishing House.

“Our first issue of our Lunchbox Zine is not only a resource for restaurants shifting into front-of-house sustainability, but a call out to the Grubhubs of the industry that discourage restaurants’ longevity and success,” says Savannah Leigh, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Lunchbox. “We’re sharing real-world examples and news directly with restaurants, which helps everyone become more informed about the trends and issues that directly impact our industry.”

The first edition of the Lunchbox Zine will address the topic and issues surrounding restaurant sustainability and helping restaurant operators stay afloat. The Zine will also help operators stand out from the crowd and play a true leadership role in the global food tech entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In addition to using sustainable print, packaging and offsetting carbon emissions, Lunchbox is planting one tree per issue printed through One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. The Zine will be produced quarterly with relevant resources about the industry. It will be distributed to over 500 restaurant operators around the country. A limited number of copies will be available for purchase on Lunchbox’s website.

“We’ve developed an ambitious action plan that ignites the conversation of what sustainability means for restaurants. Our push for print is something that we feel will bring a deeper connection with both new and existing customers and restaurant operators,” says Corinne Watson, Director of Content and Brand at Lunchbox. “Everything we do at Lunchbox is inspired by our customers, and we will continue to build our products based on their needs.”

Within the issue, Lunchbox announced a partnership with Rethink Food, a non-profit devoted to creating a more sustainable and equitable food system – one that takes excess food from sources like restaurants, kitchens, and corporations – to create nutritious and culturally celebrated meals for communities facing food insecurity. The partnership will allow all current and future Lunchbox customers to help address food insecurity and food waste by either donating excess food that will be collected and converted at Rethink Food commissary kitchen into free meals for the community or raising funds to support Rethink Food’s programs.

“We are thrilled to partner with Lunchbox and its network of like-minded restaurants in New York City on this impactful initiative,” says Matt Jozwiak, Founder and CEO at Rethink Food. “Our partnership will empower more restaurants to be at the heart of the solution in moving towards a more sustainable and equitable food system and supporting their local community impacted by food insecurity.

For more information about Rethink and Lunchbox’s partnership visit To read and follow the first edition of Lunchbox Zine, visit

About Lunchbox

We’re a collection of modern and creative online ordering solutions for enterprise restaurant chains and ghost kitchens. Lunchbox is the operating system for managing a restaurant’s entire digital experience — with powerful and fully-stacked tools and integrations for online order management systems, apps, loyalty, and more. Lunchbox empowers restaurants to increase sales and strengthen guest engagement through owned data, in-house solutions, and design & marketing support.

About Rethink Food

Founded in 2017, Rethink Food is a nonprofit with the mission to create a more sustainable and equitable food system. As part of its flagship program, Rethink Certified, Rethink Food works with restaurants, kitchens, and corporations to prepare nutritious and culturally celebrated meals for food-insecure communities. Rethink Food also operates a commissary that prepares 9,000 meals a week using a mix of purchased, donated, and excess food. Since April 2020, Rethink Food has delivered 7 million meals to local communities, used 1.2 million pounds of excess and/or donated food, directed over $30M to 115+ restaurants and food establishments across New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Nashville, and Miami, and partnered with 125+ community-based organizations to distribute meals. For more information, visit

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